Thibault Cauvin

Thibault Cauvin, young parisian of 24 years old, is definitely one of the most talented, charismatic and demanded guitarist of the moment. He's travelling the world with his guitar, all year long, invited by the most prestigious festivals and concerts hall. Between New York and Hong Kong, San Paolo and Istanbul, London and Melbourne or Singapore and Tel-Aviv, he shares his music with us. This young prodigy has already played more than 600 concerts on every continent, unanimously recognized by the critic. He has also participated at many TV and radio programs and collaborated with famous musicians, composers and symphony orchestras. Despite his young age, Thibault is regularly invited by the most prestigious conservatories, universities and festivals through the world to give master-classes, lectures or to judge competitions.

Descendant from a musician family, Thibault began learning the guitar with his father as soon as he was 6 years old. After brilliant studies at the Bordeaux and Paris conservatories, Thibault began the inevitable international concourse circuit. At 20, he's the unique guitarist who has wan 13 international first prizes. The two universes in whom Thibault grew up, the one of the classical music with the conservatories and the one of the actual musics with his family make him what he is today : the ambassador of the new "classical guitar". He makes the most of the quality and beauty of the instrument, with, first and foremost, a passion that, shirred up by the bursting energy of his youth, irresistibly fascinates. Thibault presents a rich, intense and modern repertory.

His forth album "N°4" is just out on the famous american label "GSP San Francisco". This CD is composed of modern music, influenced by various musical styles, gives a new dimension to the guitar... His first very looked-for DVD, realized by Nicolas Sauvage, shooted during his prestigious last Chinese tour will be out in February 2010. This documentary his not only extracts from his 13 concerts, it's also talks, masterclasses, meetings with his public or the press , discover of a country...



Помню в 2008 г. он приезжал в столицу Беларуси с концертом и мастер классами. Я тогда не очень близко была знакома с его творчеством, но после концерта, приобрели его диск Viva Italiya...ООО!!! Это потрясающе!!